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Opening TimesHoughton and Wyton Community Shop is set in the heart of our village and has a history going back nearly 200 years.

Since 2017, when the previous owners retired, the shop has been owned by the community, with over 300 villagers contributing towards maintaining this vital village asset by buying shares.

Overall responsibility for the running of the shop is held by the Management Committee, elected by the shareholders. The shop employs a manager and a team of full-time and part-time staff, who are assisted in many different roles by a large group of volunteers.

The Committee is also responsible for the Post Office, another vital village asset which is run by a full-time employee with part time assistance.

The shop aims to be a place where people come to buy a wide range of products (we have approximately 3,500 lines in stock) and to catch up on village life.  We also aim to run the shop in a sustainable way, actively aware of our responsibilities to the environment and generating a modest profit, donating some of that profit to community benefit causes.

As well as serving the needs of villagers, we are a major asset to tourism in the village. Houghton and Wyton attracts many thousands of visitors throughout the year, both day trippers and those staying at the National Trust campsite.

We currently welcome an average of 300-400 customers per day, with considerably more in holiday periods and on warm days in the summer.

Whatever time of year and whatever time of day (we are open twelve hours per day Monday to Saturday and eight on Sundays), you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome at Our Shop.

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Home Delivery Service 


Community Shops

Community shops are a well-established model of community co-operation trading primarily for community benefit. They have open and voluntary membership, whereby members are part owners of the business and all members have an equal say in how the business is run.

Our Shop is run according to the Society’s Model Rules.

What are Community Shares?

They are a form of investment called Community Shares. Such shares are ideally suited to the funding of community assets like our village shop. In our case the shares in Houghton & Wyton Community Shop Ltd which is run as a Community Benefit Society (No 7390), and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

What can investors expect?

Every investor will be a part owner of Houghton & Wyton Community Shop Ltd.

Importantly, each has a voting right to influence the decision making as to how the shop is run.

Under the laws governing a Community Benefit Society like ours, everyone has just one vote regardless of how much anyone invests. The aim here is to reinforce the ethos that all investors are equal and share the desire to see our community shop prosper regardless of how much any individual can afford to invest.

All shareholders are entitled to: vote in the election of the Management Committee and on resolutions tabled at the AGM; and to have the opportunity to stand for election.

Investors can expect relatively modest interest payments (our aspiration is to pay 3% per annum) on the sum they invest and may withdraw their investment, (in essence get their original money back), but both the payment of interest and the option to withdraw any investment must meet certain conditions first.

The H&WCS Ltd must have sufficient funds to support withdrawals or interest payments and is only expected to make interest payments or accept requests for withdrawal after a minimum of three years trading, or such other period as the Management Committee decides.

Community shares cannot be transferred (except on death or bankruptcy). The Management Committee may specify a maximum total sum available withdrawal for any financial year.

A new Open Share Offer to buy shares in Our Shop will be available in April 2020. A share withdrawal scheme allowing members to withdraw some or all of their shares and receive a cash payment is planned for Autumn 2020.

Supporting Documents for New Share Offer, May 2020:

1. Share Prospectus 2020 and Application Form
Please note that the email address under "Any Further Questions" of the Share Offer leaflet should be:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NB This plan was prepared before the coronavirus outbreak started and does not take into account the impact of this on the performance of the shop thus far. However, our overall aims remain the same and the committee are monitoring the situation closely.


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Privacy Policy Statement

The Management Committee of Our Shop is committed to meeting its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations in force from 25th May 2018 that has been enacted to harmonise the EU’s laws surrounding data protection and will strive to observe the law in all collection and processing of subject data and will meet any subject access request in compliance with one or more of the following conditions:-

•  consent of the data subject that is freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous
•  performance of any contract with the data subject relating to it
•  compliance with a legal obligation
•  that the vital interests of the data subject are protected
•  that the data that is collected and held is needed for the performance of the tasks and services performed by Our Shop
•  that the legitimate interests of the data subjects are protected

To that end the Committee has appointed a Data Protection Co-ordinator to undertake the practical role of monitoring adherence to processes and procedures, however, members of the Committee are collectively responsible to ensure Our Shop complies with the Regulations.