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Our Shop is at the heart of the village geographically and socially, and is a genuine community hub. As well as providing an excellent range of products and services, the shop is a friendly place where villagers and visitors shop, meet and chat. We have designed the floor of the shop to be a welcoming space, with good sightlines and plenty of open areas between the shelves.
We also have Community Corner, with a table and chairs (cushioned, of course!), a coffee machine, a community notice board, and a good range of local information and newspapers and magazines to browse through. Small local groups such as the Timebank Scrabble Club use this space, and we encourage other groups to make use of it.
Our window displays have long been a talked-about feature of village life. The display changes regularly and ranges from seasonal celebrations to publicity for non-commercial local organisations.
Our main notice board is in the window nearest the till and is available to post notices of all kinds, for a small fee.
Also by the till is a village diary, on which local events may be entered. We sell tickets for many local events, particularly during Feast Week.



We are very fortunate to live in a village where people help others. Our Shop has a team of over 50 people who volunteer in various roles, both in the shop and behind the scenes.

These roles include:

Serving on the Management Committee

Working on the till

Sorting the morning newspapers and magazines

Checking dates and tidying the shelves

Collecting fruit, veg and flowers from St Ives market

Keeping the shop seriously clean

Doing the weekly book-keeping (ie paying the bills)

Delivering to home-bound villagers

Using specialist knowledge in many different areas to help the shop

We gave our volunteers a questionnaire recently, and these were some of the reasons they gave for why they enjoy volunteering at Our Shop:

Contributing to the cause

Meeting fellow residents

Well-being and helping the community

Meeting people and talking to customers

Meeting and greeting, good company

Contributing to the community

Feeling part of the community

Making a contribution

Helping to take care of a village asset

Doing something worthwhile

Helping essential service in the village

Selling our village to visitors

Learning new skills

Getting to know the lovely people of our village

A comprehensive Volunteers’ Handbook (updated July 2020) helps all our staff and volunteers become acquainted with HWCS Ltd policies and procedures. It is regularly reviewed to ensure that the shop complies with all current legislation in many different fields

Read more about the benefits of volunteering.

To volunteer your time for the shop, please contact either of the Volunteer Co-ordinators, Lesley Craig or Bill Skinner.