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After you've enjoyed a jar of Houghton Honey, return your clean jar and lid to the counter in the shop, with a name and phone number on a piece of paper inside. For every ten returns, we will pull out one lucky name winning a free jar of honey!


Houghton HoneyHoughton Honey - on sale now!

Houghton Honey is drawn from well-managed hives located in three separate locations in the village.

Honey is collected typically in spring and autumn, to supply throughout the year.

Raw honey is so called because it does not go through any additional processing: nothing is added (such as corn syrup!) and none of its original characteristics are destroyed.
It is unique to the area the bees have foraged (up to three miles from the hives), it changes with the seasons as different plants produce their nectars and contains trace pollens and nutrients from trees, flowers and grasses of the local area which are around at the time and would be lost through mass production processing heating mixing and filtering.

Hence it looks and tastes different from mass-produced, processed honey, and is much sought after by those wanting to experience a taste of our very local area.

We are now spinning off our spring honey – delicious, light in colour, with a subtle flavour, delicate floral smell and slow to set.

Price: £3.50 for 200g jar. Return your empty jars to the shop for reuse.

Late June update: We are now taking off our third batch of honey this year, which people will notice is slightly darker than the very first early spring harvest, as the bees have been working hard taking pollen and nectar from different trees and plants in our gardens and surrounding fields as the season progresses - but be assured it still has that very delicate, delicious honey taste that is uniquely Houghton Honey. Enjoy!








Houghton Honey Consortium: Paul Boothman, Chris Maggs, John Cassells