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We don’t have any vacancies currently.


The shop is fortunate to have some excellent full-time and part-time permanent employees. Ian our manager is assisted by Yvonne, Chris, Kathy and Su, and Giorgia runs the Post Office, with David as cover. Welcome to our two new recruits (November 2020) Josh and Charlie, who are sharing duties as weekend shop assistants.


Please read about our team of volunteers under Our Community.

Management Committee

The committee consists of a group of volunteers who have been elected by the shareholders.

Members of the 2019/2020 committee are:  Helen Boothman (Chair), Anthony Garside (Vice-Chair), Ann Utley (Treasurer), John Stanger (Membership Secretary), John Mills (Society Secretary), Paul Boothman, Lesley Craig and Bill Skinner.

Angela Passant, also a volunteer, is Clerk to the Committee.

The Committee meets monthly to discuss the operation and management of the shop. Here you can view the minutes of those meetings.

Our third Annual General Meeting was held virtually on Sunday March 29th, 2020.

The AGM reviewed the previous year’s progress and looked forward to the year ahead. Minutes will be published in due course. A Summary of responses to the AGM can be found here.

Our Second 3-year Plan, to run from 2020 to 2022, has now been published, and can be found here.

2019  AGM Minutes and Financial Accounts can be found here.

AGM 2020 report and summary of responses can be found here.

Minutes of the recent Management Committee meeting can be found HERE


An important part of the functioning of Our Shop is the link with our suppliers. As well as being supplied by two national wholesalers, since 2017 we have built a network of over 20 suppliers from Cambridgeshire and East Anglia who produce a range of quality foods with values that match those of the community shop.

Some of these local suppliers are currently (March 2020):

Houghton Honey Consortium for locally produced honey

Bluntisham Heath Fruit Farm for seasonal fruit including apple, pears and plums

Cole's of King's Lynn for quality frozen fish

Blunham Dairies for daily supplies of fresh milk

Woods of Biggleswade for bread and pastries, delivered daily

Alpha Eggs from Hilton – all free range

Fenstanton Butchers for fresh and frozen meat

Grafham Water Rainbow Trout (frozen)

Measures of Brampton for pies

Glebe Farm of King’s Ripton for gluten-free cereals