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We aim to

   Be a shop and community hub for villagers and visitors

   Maintain and develop the Post Office and the services it offers

   Support village activities, clubs and societies

   Develop links with other local businesses and suppliers

   Support and assist socially isolated and less mobile residents

   Create jobs, volunteering and training opportunities

   Improve sustainability, reduce waste and promote environmentally beneficial initiatives.


We place special emphasis on being…..


Since taking over Our Shop in 2017, we have invested heavily in new, energy-efficient chillers and freezers, re-wired the whole premises and switched to a renewable energy supplier. We have reduced the use of plastic by offering our own Bag 4 Life and recycled carrier bags and moving from plastic to glass milk bottles. We are a central recycling point for batteries, printer ink cartridges, crisp packets, spectacles and mobile phones.


Alongside our supplies from national wholesalers, we have greatly expanded our network of local suppliers. We have regular deliveries of bread, milk, meat and fruit and vegetables, and Cambridgeshire businesses supply us with many other products from flour, eggs and chocolate to gin, traybakes and frozen trout.  This supports the local economy and helps to reduce food miles.

...and Community-minded

As well as being a physical and social hub in the centre of the village, we work closely with the H&W Timebank to promote volunteering in the village and to provide space, time and companionship for the elderly and socially isolated.

We have recently been accredited as a dementia-friendly business, and we support the ‘Stand up 4 Sitting Down’ campaign by providing a table and chairs in Community Corner.

Three times a year, our customers are encouraged to donate to the Godmanchester Foodbank, and we collected over 60kg of non-perishable food in the recent Christmas period.

We support local charities through our collection tin by the till, and by offering free window displays. Local charities benefiting from this include the Ladybird Boat Trust, Magpas Air Ambulance and the East Anglia Children’s Hospice