Houghton and Wyton Community Shop

Houghton and Wyton Community Shop Ltd is owned and managed by the community of the picturesque Cambridgeshire villages of Houghton & Wyton. There has been a thriving village shop here serving residents and visitors, since 1847 selling fresh, frozen and ambient goods, newspapers and seasonal produce. The Shop also boasts a busy Post Office.

Our Community Purpose

Community purpose is at the heart of Our Shop with volunteers working in the Shop and on our Management Committee, supporting the Shop Manager and Staff. Our Shop actively contributes to village life from being a lifeline to villagers during the Pandemic, to active involvement in annual festivities such as Feast Week and Christmas Lights. And when able financially, supporting several key village organisations and charities including the Community Fund.

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Owned by the Community

Houghton & Wyton Community Shop Limited (affectionately known as Our Shop) is a Registered Society owned by the Members, the majority of whom are residents of Houghton & Wyton. We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and governed by a set of Rules in much the same was as the Articles of Association of a Company. We support our community in many ways including making payments to Members when appropriate and supporting local charitable causes, such as the Community Fund.

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