Getting together

To help promote the community we endeavour to find ways that the people can get together and share experiences.  Some of this is within the shop and some is without.

Inside the shop

You can sit for a chat with the shop team or other visitors to the shop, in our small seated area where we will be pleased to sell you a drink and a snack to eat.

Our volunteers understand that volunteering kindles happiness for both parties. Come and chat with our volunteers or come and join them to the benefit of everyone.

Outside the shop

There is a lot going on outside the shop.  The shop holds a diary of village events which allows you to see what is going on around the village and also allows organisers to make sure that village events don’t clash.  Another great source of information about what is going on in the village is the Houghton and Wyton Village Magazine, produced every two months and delivered to all residents.

Do drop in; let’s get together.