• We aim to keep and develop the Post Office and the services it offers;„„
  • maintain and develop the shop as a community hub connecting with residents and visitors and supporting village clubs and societies;
  • „„ develop better links with other local businesses for mutual benefit;
  • „„ support and assist socially isolated and less mobile residents;
  • „„ work with the community to create new jobs, volunteer and training
  • „„ support local traders and suppliers to improve sustainability and reduce
    “food miles” and reduce waste and promote environmentally beneficial


In order to become more sustainable H&WCS will look to switch electricity to a sustainable/renewable supplier, reduce the use of plastic bags and encourage own re-useable bags, boxes and paper bags.  We will look to test products which are free from packaging, where customers bring in their own containers. Over time we will look to replace the current freezer units for more energy efficient ones with doors. We will also work at becoming a central recycling point for residents, for items such as batteries, ink cartridges.


Where opportunities exist for local sourcing we will pursue them.  This approach benefits the sustainability aspects of the business and supports the local community.


Benefitting the community is at the heart of everything that the community shop does and it will seek out ever further ways of working with and for the local people.